Batch set style data

Set data for individual styles in selected fonts.


Select on which fonts to set data.

target fonts
a list of open and/or closed fonts for selection
add all open fonts
add all open fonts to the list
select all
select all fonts in the list
add fonts folder
add a folder with UFOs to the list
clear font lists
empties the list of fonts

style data

import style data
import style data from JSON file
style data
edit imported style data manually if needed
set data
set style data in selected fonts
simulate the action before applying it

data format (example)



  "featuresDir"   : "feaFolder",
  "features"      : ["features.fea"],

  "15.ufo": {
    "features"         : ["15.fea"],
    "weight"           : 100,
    "width"            : 5,
    "blue zones"       : [-200, -190, -10, 0, 465, 475, 605, 615, 675, 685],
    "stems vertical"   : [70],
    "stems horizontal" : [60]

  • document cascading behavior of features and blue zones.