Batch glyph actions

Apply glyph-level actions to selected fonts.


Select on which fonts the actions should be applied.

target fonts
a list of open and/or closed fonts for selection
add all open fonts
add all open fonts to the list
select all
select all fonts in the list
add fonts folder
add a folder with UFOs to the list
clear font lists
empties the list of fonts


Select on which glyphs the actions should be applied.

glyph selection
define how the target glyphs are chosen
mark glyphs

apply a mark color to the transformed glyphs
click on the button to choose a color


Select and apply actions.

actions list
select which actions to apply
drag actions to reorder
drag the list items to change their order
PostScript / TrueType
affects only correct contour direction
apply the selected actions to the selected glyphs
simulate the actions before applying
  • add a new section with transform actions (move, scale, skew, rotate, etc.)