Rasterizing glyphs into another layer

A step-by-step guide to rasterize glyph contours into another layer of the same font.

Previewing the rasterization

  1. Open the Glyph Editor with a glyph you wish to rasterize.
  2. Open the rasterizer palette from the Extensions menu.
  3. Change the grid and element settings and watch the rasterization preview update in real time.
  4. Adjust the settings until you’re satisfied with the result in the preview.

Rasterizing the glyphs

  1. Choose the source layer containing the contours to be scanned.
  2. Choose the target layer where the elements will be drawn.
  3. Choose between component mode or contour mode using the checkbox.
  4. Use the rasterize button to rasterize the selected source glyphs into the target layer.

result in component mode

result in contour mode

Notes about component mode